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Trust in the Lord and Live Life to the Fullest

“W” has been working in front of a desk and exchanging her time for salary in the last 3 years. But recently she felt it so strong that this is not the wise way to spend the limited, precious time.

We are created to live a life, to fulfill a purpose and to enjoy every moment to the fullest. It’s not right to be unhappy most of the day, while doing the day works; and only feel alive and start living, after the work. “W” doesn’t like the feeling of saving the precious energies and freedom to certain, limited hours. She believes that “living” is the center of life, while working is just a method of supporting the living.

“W” is not so sure about what to do with her life, once she leaves the current job. She’s a bit lost in finding ways to support herself. But she knows that unless the Lord bless the works, the works will be in vain. Seeking the Lord first is what matters the most. As the bible says, we shall not trust the men, not even the prince, but only God.

“W” will surrender herself to the Lord, truly and completely believe in the Lord, following His guidance, working together with Him. “W” believes that the Lord will make her dreams come true. She will taste the fruits of her works and enjoy the blessings and prosperity.


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