The Five Famous Mountains(Wuyue in Chinese) actually are the top 5 sacred mountains in China including Mount Tai (泰山) in the east, Mount Heng (衡山) in the south, Mount Hua(华山) in the west, Mount Heng (恒山) in the north and Mount Song (嵩山) in the middle. In ancient times, many emperors came to Mount Tai or Mount Song to sacrifice to heaven and earth. The mountains also were deeply loved by a lot of famous Chinese writers and poets in the past. The Five Famous Mountains have their own unique scenery loved by travelers from the whole world. ©

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Mount Tai

Mount Tai (泰山)

With a height of 1532.7 meters, Mount Tai is the leading mountain among the Five Famous Mountain in China. Located in Tai’an Cityin Shandong Province, it was called Daishan or Daizong and renamed into Mount Tai during the Spring and Autumn Period. Mount Tai has been listed into the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites since 1987. It is said that 72 emperors in ancient times come to sacrifice to heaven and earth. Mount Tai is a mountain that mixes Taoism and Buddhism culture. Besides, it was a popular destination for ancient poets and literary scholars.

The best time to visit Mount Tai is from May to October. The sunrise, sunset, a cloud sea on the mountain are the highlights of Mount Tai. Nowadays, travelers can not only enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Tai, but also experience Taoism and Buddhism culture on the mountain. There are four routes for travelers to arrive at the top of Mount Tai. The East Route is also known as the imperial route because all the emperors took the way for sacrifices. The West Route is composed of the road from the Heaven and Earth Square to Mid-heaven Gate and a continued cable way to the top. The Peach Blossom Ravine Route is the most convenient way to the mountain. And Tianzhu Peak Route is suitable for an adventure journey.

  • Address: Hongmen Road, Taishan District, Tai’an City, Shandong Province
  • Work Hours: 24 hours
  • Ticket: 127 CNY (Feb.1st to Nov.30)
    102 CNY (Dec.1 to Jan.31)
  • How to get there: After arrived at Tai’an Railway Station, travelers can take Bus 3 to Hongmen stop (out of the Mount Tai Scenic Spot).

Mount Heng 衡

Mount Heng (衡山)

Mount Heng is Nanyue located in Hengyang of Hunan Province. Zhurong Peak, Sutra Collection Hall, Shuilian Cave and Fangguang Temple are the most famous scenery of Mount Heng. With a height of 1300.2 meters, it has the best climate among the Five Famous Mountains. Mount Heng became one of the top 10 natural scenic spots in China recommended by travelers in 2008.

As a national 5A scenic spot, it is the most famous Taoism center of Southern China. Due to its location, Mount Heng is covered with green trees which are 300 to 400 years old and some of them are even over 1000 years old. Mount Heng has 72 peaks and the first peak comes to sight is Huiyan Peak. The mountain in spring is decorated with a sea of flowers. The trees in summer and clouds in autumn and snow in winter are marvelous scenery of Mount Heng. There are a lot of Buddhism and Taoism temples to worship on the mountain. And Wuyue Temple is the largest scale temple among them.

  • Address: Nanyue District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province
  • Work Hours: 08:00-18:00 (Apr. to Oct)
    08:30 to 17:30(Nov. to Mar.)
  • Ticket: 100 CNY
  • How to get there: Travelers can take Bus 1 to Hengyang West Bus Station and transfer to the tourism bus to Mount Heng with a 45-60 minutes journey.

Mount Hua (华山)

Located in Huayin County in Shaanxi Province, Mount Hua (also known as Xiyue in Chinese) is famous for its natural steep crags and narrow paths. With a height of 2154.9 meters, Mount Hua’s five peaks have its unique scenery such as East Peak is the best place to see a sunrise and North Peak is famous for a sea of clouds. Mount Hua is the place that ancient emperors came to sacrifice to the god of mountain. It has several remarkable Taoist temples such as Jade Spring Temple and Xiyue Temple.

The best time to enjoy the sunrise is 05:00 to 06:00 all the year around except summer (04:00 to 05:30). With a height of 2.160 meters, the South Peak is the highest peak of Mount Hua and also among the Five Famous Mountains. Cuiyun Palace (a Taoist temple) is located on the West Peak whose name is from a lotus flower shape rock. Middle Peak is the center among the peaks. If travelers can’t insist on climbing or you want to enjoy an easy and comfortable journey on the mountain, you can take a cable car from Wamiaogou to the North Peak or from Donggoukou to the West Peak. Compared with the North Peak, it’s easier to arrive at the South Peak and East Peak form the West Peak.

  • Address: South section of Yuquan Road, Huayin, Weinan City,Shaanxi Province
  • Work Hours:
    East Gate: 07:00-19:00 during busy season; 09:00 to 17:00 during low season
    West Gate: 24 hours
  • Ticket: 180 CNY (Mar. to Nov.); 100 CNY (Dec. to Feb.)
  • How to get there: There are trains and bullet trains to Mount Hua which are arrived at Huashan North Railway station. Travelers can take a bullet train at Xi’an Railway Station to Mount Hua with a ticket of 35 CNY. Or No.1 Tourism Bus at East Square of Xi’an Railway Station is available from 8:00 to 17:00.

Mount Heng

Mount Heng (恒山)

With a height of 2016.1 meters, Mount Heng (Beiyue)is situated at Hunyuan County in Shanxi Province, 62 kilometers away fromDatong City. It is also known as “Taiheng Mountain” and is one of the Five Famous Mountains. Xu Xiake (a renowned traveler in the Ming dynasty) came to visit Mount Heng and was impressed by its beautiful scenery. Mount Heng was regarded as a great natural battle defense. It is the bottleneck of Central Plains from the plateau outside of the Great Wall. So it was an important battleground in the ancient times to fight for.

Nowadays, travelers can find battlefield relics scattered in the area including paths, castles and beacon towers which are the unique scenery among the Five Famous Mountains. Tianfeng Peak is the highest among the peaks. With a more than 1400 history, the Suspended Temple is a unique temple mixed Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism culture hanging on the mountain. Travelers should not to miss the temple on Mount Heng. Travelers can also visit Jinlong Canyon (Gold Dragon Canyon) with beautiful scenery and Xianren Cave- a popular place to worship there.

  • Address: Located at Hunyuan County, Shanxi Province
  • Work Hour: 06:30 to 19:00 in summer; 08:00 to 18:00 in winter
  • Ticket: 55 CNY
  • How to get there: Travelers need to go to Datong South Coach Station to take a coach to Hunyuan County with a 2-hour journey.

Mount Song

Mount Song (嵩山)

Located in the northwest of Dengfeng City in Henan Province, Mount Song is (known as Zhongyue) famous mountain in the Central Plains. The Shaolin Temple makes Mount Song famous in the world. Shaolin Temple (the birthplace of Wushu) is an excellent temple to enjoy Chinese Wushu .With a height of 1491.7 meters, Mount Song has beautiful scenery including 72 peaks, valleys, waterfalls, water pools and caves. The snowy scenery in winter is marvelous.

6 highlights of Mount Song includes Shaolin Temple (the best place to enjoy Chinese Wushu in China); Shaolin Pagoda Forest (the largest pagoda forest in China); Songyue Temple Pagoda built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, Hansanjue(architecture art of the Eastern Han Dynasty ) and the oldest cypress as well as the earliest star observation platform in China. With a long history, Mount Song combines Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism culture. It is the most popular mountain to offer sacrifices for emperors in ancient times, together with Mount Tai. More than 30 emperors had come to the mountain to sacrifice to the god and to ascend the throne.

  • Address: 146 Zhongyue Avenue, Dengfeng City, Henan Province
  • Work Hours: 08:00-17:00
  • Ticket: 80 CNY
  • How to get there: Travelers can take a plane or a train to Zhengzhou or Luoyang and transfer into a coach to Dengfeng City. Then buses to Mount Song or Shaolin Temple are available in both Dengfeng Coach Stations.