“W” is a 28-year old lady, who has many stories to tell the world and always wish the world could hear her voice one day.

She loves day dreaming and hopes that one day she could be able to see every corner of the world by sitting in a train, near the window, holding a book. She imagines that she would enjoy the breathtaking views outside the window, while sharing the same thoughts and views with the book’s author.


She also likes to dream about marrying with her Mr. Right, who has all it takes to attract all ladies. But the perfect him, only chooses her. She dreams the fantasy story…


“W” wants to help others, those in need. She wants to make as much contribution to the world as possible, help the world be a better place, though she is just an ordinary person.

But in the real life, she is no different from others, or maybe a bit fatter. She works as hard as possible, didn’t take MC in 3 years. She doesn’t have many friends, because she is too shy. Most of the spare time, she would stay at home reading books, watching free movies online. However, she enjoys such lonely time, to some extent.


Though there is a huge gap between the dreams and the reality, she believes that life is good, always full of bright light and filled with blessings. She will walk to these dreams persistently with commitment.